• Celebrate through the power of choice an positive intention as you create the life you want.  There is no such thing as reality, only perception.  You, therefore, will have the power to change your reality simply by redefining your perception.
  • Develop self assessment methods that support authentic personal and professional growth:  with the ability to decrease stresses and improve focus and memory.
  • Create authentic personal growth by identifying and validating your "PERSONAL BILL OF RIGHTS".
  • Learn to identify the "toxic wastes" and "energy vampires" in your life.  You will, therefore, recognize and eliminate abusive relationships in your life.
  • Develop courage to confront the fears that keep you "stuck".  by identifying the point of origin, you will liberate yourself to live a confident and truly fulfilling life.
  • Recognize the blocks in your life (anger, guilt, etc...) that cause you to feel victimized by your life experiences.  You will then reclaim your Authentic Power.
  • Learn how the power of forgiveness will free you from toxins and allow you to truly live your dreams, celebrate and appreciate your life through the power of choice.
  • Master the use of effective coping skills and healthy self-care strategies to restore, renew and balance personal energy supplies.

Self-Care and personal Energy Management

  • Take charge of your life.
  • Identify "toxic waste" that keeps you stuck.
  • Honor yourself by finding balance.
  • Celebrate the power of choice and positive intention.
  • Develop inner peace and happiness.
  • Find the courage to live your dreams.

Communication and Conflict Resolution

  • Get to the root of your communication patterns and with that understanding, work on creating more living, supportive, positive ways of interacting.
  • Learn communication and conflict resolution skills.
  • Identify triggers, repetitive patterns, confusion of roles, rules, expectations of self and partner, and division of tasks/dual-career management problems.
  • Enhance your relationship by understanding patterns and healing old wounds.
  • Enhance your intimate, interpersonal relationship by learning to validate each other's perceptions and emotions.
  • Focus on Strategies that will be in place to resolve future difficulties.